Friday, 27 June 2014

Sugar Junction

The Northern Quarter in Manchester is full of really lovely and quirky places. They are hidden behind the glossy shopping mall and the generic coffee shops. There you can find local cafes that are individual and different. I don't know about you, but I rather have my tea at home rather than go to Costa. It's just too predictable and their tea bags are just SAD! sorry Costa nothing personal. One of the loveliest places that saved me from Costa is Sugar Junction. The name is brilliant and the place is very sweet full of handmade cakes and a nice selection of loose teas. A great spot to unwind and have a cuppa! The style of the place is very vintage inside with the choice of colours, floral table covers, cushions, the placement of the old sewing machine and even the branding of their menu.  

Note: the pictures are from two visits. I promise I didn't eat two cakes in one sitting not like there's anything wrong with it lol

The place gets quickly packed because the seats are limited. When you enter you see the cake counter and then get the tea and the food menu. The light green wallpaper behind the the counter and the small bunting on the shelf. Makes the place look like a childhood house. Playing on people's nostalgia is a good trick some designers can use.  
The other side of their menu is like a page of an old newspaper with vintage 

Cake List! best kinda list! :D
I liked their decor and the little bits and pieces around that gave it the vintage twist. The seating wasn't the most comfortable, but at least they had cushions for back support! I liked the feature wall, which is basically exposed brick wall. It gave the place some character.  
The singer sewing machine in the corner was a nice touch. The combination of it and the tins above it makes it even more vintage looking. 
Sugar Junction serve hot food as well! Mainly sandwiches and soups. I tried their fish fingers sandwich with their sweet potatoes. DELISH! I would replace bread with pita wrap tho *you can't take the Arab out of me!* Their plates and cutlery were simple and nice.  

Deliciousness up close! NOM
Toffee cake and Lime mojito cake! 
and some more cake! *drool*
I would highly recommend this place, esp after a nice walk all over Manchester city centre. 

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