Friday, 27 June 2014

Muscat & The World Cup

Hello lovely people and football fans from all over the world! 

I am not big on footie, but I don't mind watching it either. Typical girl I know. I would of course rather watch it live if I get a choice! Last week, on the Italy Vs. Costa Rica match, I happened to be passing by Oman on my way back from London and I heard about this awesome tent where the city goes to watch the match on a very big screen! So, I had to see it for myself.  This tent is an air conditioned temporary structure that was set up just for the world cup. How awesome is that? It was all set up by the Oman Automobile Association. The idea is great because there's a HUGE audience for it. Plus, they serve food and shisha. Every man's dream. The place was cool, but mostly oriented towards men. There were few families with females, but not as many of course. There were few groups of friends with males and females. The overall atmosphere was cheerful and smoky. The decor inside was simple, but nice with tables covered with different coloured velvet and topped with small flower vases. The cushion seats were the coolest and the comfiest. The other wooden chairs weren't that comfortable to sit on for around two hours. A cool new experience nonetheless.    

The entrance
The teams that were playing that night
The big screen 

Costa Rica beating Italy! 

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