Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Zest Green Juice

Happy Weekend lovely people!

You are all aware that the month of fast, Ramadan is tomorrow! Two posts about it will be coming soon :D
I started fasting since last week and since I am being spoiled back home with lots of food *mashallah*, I decided to stop myself of the fear of turning into an elephant by the end of the month. I decided on a little trick to boost me up and fill me with health and goodness, which is breaking my fast with not only dates, but with green juice! I tried the -sort of- proper juicer first, which made it very liquid like, but it separated all the good fibers! That totally defats the purpose of a green juice for me. So I put them back into a blender. It took me ages, but worth it at the end. I prepared a whole plate full of greens to make a whole jug, but it turned to be only fourth the jug.

This sums it all up! 
but if you want more details then I used half of a large lettuce head, a handful of mint, about five branches of coriander, two peeled limes, one peeled lemon, four unpeeled carrots, one unpeeled red apple and a small piece of ginger. 

Note: be very careful washing your greens! 

Added all above into juicer then blender and got my green juice. I forced my mother and grandfather to try it with me. They weren't super keen, but they gave it ago anyway! I think it was too green for them. 
The taste was like a salad in a cup with extra lemons; mild and chewy. It was not sweet. If you are just starting and not used to the taste of plain salad, use another apple and less greens. 
I am no juicing expert, so apologises in advance if you make it and hate it! lol,, I am still experimenting and reading about it. Ideally, you should drink it on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefit. Next stop: melon green juice!  

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