Hi/السلام عليكم, 

I am Esra, a Saudi interior designer based in London. I was born and raised in Saudi. I travelled around after high school for my education, thanks to getting a scholarship from the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education. Good grades paid off *Mashallah*!

I first went to Arizona, USA, to learn English then moved to the UK. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Manchester and a Masters of Arts in Interior Architecture from London *Mashallah*.

I have always been social and interested in many things, so blogging was the natural way for me to go. I also love breaking all the stereotypes related to Saudis, Muslims and women. With blogging, I share my experiences, stories and struggles through those stereotypes. I love variety and I love doing a number of things. I enjoy traveling and being creative in different areas.

This blog is a reflection of what I do and what I am interested in from interior design tips, decor ideas, inspiring places, Islamic patterns, reviews, recipes, books, crochet projects and features to a series about the social side of Saudi. I hope you enjoy the mix of various posts.

My dream is to make an interior accessories collection that covers kitchenware, bed linens, wallpaper and more. The brand name is Asoratti. The same name I used to sell my handmade products, still working towards it slowly. My aim is to have a collection by Spring 2015 *GodWilling*

Please feel free to contact me on asoratti@gmail.com to:
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Collaborate in features or events
  • Cover events
  • Review places or products
  • Photograph or write about interior spaces 

Stay in touch on social media. I am mostly active on Instagram and Twitter.
I still use the rest frequently, such as Facebook, Tumbler & Pinterest.  

Thank you for stopping by!


Ps. Mashallah means it's all from God, used for protection from evil eye.