Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Greener Life

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

This month I decided that some aspects of my lifestyle needed to change; physically and spiritually. I made a whole plan and everything. Let's hope I actually stick to it! One of the changes I really wanted to make was to add more greens into my daily diet. Weather has been bad for my skin and as my mom says: "If you want to be prettier eat more fruit and veg." I am finally listening to her. I wanted to do it daily, but juicing and consuming it requires time. It takes me 20mins to make it and it takes me almost half an hour to drink it. Then I wait about 15mins to eat breakfast. So, I am only doing it four days a week.    

Everyone on Facebook and Instagram was wondering how the green juices I made tasted and let me tell you they were actually good. I generally love the taste of vegetables and fruit, so the taste wasn't a total shock to me. Some tasted sweeter than others, but over all I enjoyed it. My tummy was a little overwhelmed with the amount of fibbers at first, but it will get used to it. 

The biggest change I noticed is my energy levels are getting a little better! I do drink tea midday so I have a little caffein injection, but the juice helped me stay awake for longer mashallah. 

This is how my first week went! 

My First ever green juice! The amount of ginger I put in it was a little over kill,
but otherwise it turned out pretty good!
Looks similar to the above, but tasted very different.
The strongest taste was the cucumber. 
The kiwi was a little soar and I would replace it with an apple next time.
It was good overall! 
Saturday + Sunday:
I needed to use my oranges hehe! That was the first time I tried kale!
 It was stronger than the spinach 
Feel free to share your recipes and juicing experiences in the comments below. 

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