Sunday, 11 May 2014

Creative Course Review Surface Design

Hello lovely people!

April was such a crazy and productive month for me. I did loads of things mashallah.
I am only having time now to blog about them!
A super cool thing I did was attending an online course for surface design and how to break intro the market! It was taught by the very creative Rachael Taylor.

After I finished the intensive online course, I got this awesome button! I am not sure if you noticed, but it's this one!
Why I took the course: 
I am an interior designer and I love surfaces and adding a new feel to a space through patterns, textures and textile. I have been designing on my own for a while and I have been considering branching out into freelancing and manufacturing. This is the only course that I found that is practical and creative. I only did module 3 because I have previous knowledge and experience in design, but when I got into module 3 and saw the live briefs and the profile submissions, I wished I had more designs to offer. It would have been good to be part of the other modules too.
The Dudes collection that I submitted for a live brief! 
My thoughts about the course: 
This course is AMAZING! Packed full of very useful information that are very relevant and current. It's perfect if you want to make your designs reality. It teaches you how to become a freelancer designer and how to manufacture your designs if you want. It has a lot of technical tutorials for photoshop and illustrator as well, which are very essential.
Some doodles for class
Overall, I think the course was very useful and interesting. I am very happy that I made the decision to take it. The live briefs added a positive pressure to design even more. I need another five weeks now working through all the creative activities and the technical workshops that were provided!
I highly recommend it! I also met -virtually- a lot of very creative people! :) 

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