Friday, 27 April 2012

Hot & Not: Treasury Layouts

These are screen prints from different collection I saw on Etsy. The basic idea behind it is to have a theme and choose items for it, and  some are intentionally not arranged. I think they are all beautiful in their own way, but I will still classify them with HOT or NOT not because I dislike them only to define what's visually appealing.
I love the mix of white and black and the touches of red here and there. It's HOT. 
The items are cute and they are all related, but there's some thing not satisfying in the arrangement. Sorry it's NOT.
This mix of an expected strong colors is great, and it gives a boost of energy. It's SO HOT. 
This one has a theme connecting the themes, but the colors are not attached. It's NOT.
Same thing with this one, same theme but the items are not tied together visually. it's NOT.
The shades of all the different pinks make it very appealing visually, and the touch of brown/beige is tying them more together. It's HOT. 

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