Friday, 27 April 2012

Hot & Not: Restaurant Menus

These are different menus that I found in my research, and I am presenting them here to compare between their layouts, and arrangement. I will classify them as HOT if I like them or NOT if I dislike them. 
What I like about his menu is that they have the main titles in the original language of the restaurant, but there is a lot of elements missing. It looks so plain, for that reason it's NOT. 
The blue of the background with that red banner and yellow titles are just not well matched. Yellow on this blue makes it look horrifying. It's a NOT.
I like the divisions in this menu. It is clear where each category belongs. It's easy on the eyes too, so it's HOT. 
The color and the printing is just not going. Color wise it's a good combination, but not in that format. It has division, but in a very formal way. It's a NOT.
The pictures are good and tempting, but it just looks like a lot of writing. it's NOT.
I like this and I hate it. There are a lot of disconnected elements in it. I don't get he shoes  by the burger, or the gold by the fries? The organization of  the menu food is well done, but not enough, so it's NOT.
This is a really well designed menu, and the burger looks SO GOOD! def HOT.
This is a menu of my favorite restaurant, and the pictures are placed perfectly, and the branding goes through it clearly. It's a sure HOT.
I like the idea of a background that reflects the branding, but this one isn't done professionally. If some elements are changed, it will be great, but it's not there yet, so it's a NOT.


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    1. Thank you Jems! :) It always help to keep an eye out for the menues when you are in and out :)