Friday, 27 April 2012

Adding Depth to a Ready Drawing

This drawing was taken from my class files. It was a ready drawing that was completed on sketchup, and my job was to add depth to it.  
First, start with opening the file on Sketchup. 
Go to styles from window, Edit from styles and export as 2d graphic
Adding fog
Take three pix to photoshop; the colored, the fogy, and the lines
Start with the colored and make it a normal layer
Then add the lines on top of it
and make it multiplay
Then make the colored one a layer mask
Then paste the foggy into the layer mask
Click while pressing Alt and paste the foggy one. Turn off the unused layer. Then use the lens.
Open the blur box for the colored layer
Source is layer mask
Goal is to make the end of the room blurry and have the piece of the furniture stand out
Change the blur focal distance
After doing the blur disable the layer mask
Then u can edit further with other tools like BURN
Then add lights to windows through selecting them and add white
Final Results:

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