Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hot & Not: Craft Fair Posters

Craft Fairs are my new thing! I have been doing it for a almost a year now, and I love it! Each Fair is so different not only in venues, activities and crafters but even with advertisement posters! That's why I thought it's a good aspect to look at. In terms of layout, fonts, images, and creativity because becoming part of a craft fair does require a certain level of creativity.

Below, I am going to analysis each poster, and class it as HOT or NOT.

Note: this is only a class exercise, and I am not judging anyone's work or being negative, so forgive me if your poster is bellow!

I like the initial idea behind this poster, but there is something about it that's stopping me from fully liking it, So it's a NOT (sorry designer!)
I LOVE the colors of this poster and how it's blooming like a flower. The main information is clear. Sweet and simple :) I say HOT (well done designer) 
At first glance, I wasn't sure what this was, then I looked at the tables and tea pots. I think it's something to do with a tea fair? There was not a clear communication channel, for that reason I say it's NOT (sorry designer). 
I really like this poster. Even though there is nothing extra ordinary about it, but the clarity and the great use of summer colors made it standout. I think it would have been a great fair to attend. It's a HOT design (well done designer) :)   
This is another poster I like because I know attending a craft fair require all the tools drawn in it, and that just makes me smile :) Happy reactions is a proof of a successful design :) It's HOT! (well done designer).
This poster got all the required elements with a cuteness to it with that I say it's HOT (well done designer). 
ok I know this poster seems like a smart idea, but the colors of the main information are blended with the logo. If only they were a bit bolder then it will standout, but now it's just too crowded for the eye. (sorry designer, but it's NOT)
I had a hard time with this one. I want to say creative, but all I see is STUFF. It's too crowded. The eye doesn't even settle on one focal point. I had to scan the whole thing quick to rest my eyes! So, it's def a NOT (sorry designer)
This poster feels very arty, and it's simple, so yes I'd call it HOT (well done designer).
This poster is SO CUTE! I like the simplicity and the fall colors. It's HOT :) (well done designer).
I know they are trying to make it a nice poster, but to me it feels like it was done on word where they threw the first things that came to their minds. It's just not speaking to me, so sorry, but it's NOT.
I LOVE this poster. It's just SO CUTE! many aspects were considered like colors, font type, font size, and illustrations. It's a little crowded, but in an adorable way, so yes it's HOT! (well done designer).

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