Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hot & Not: Perfume Magazine Advertisements

I can't help but see perfume ads everywhere! on Tv channels, on billboards, on buses, in magazines, and in malls. This time I am looking at these ads with a super magnifying glass on to take a deeper look at them (meteorically of course) not only focusing on the perfumes, but on the layouts, the text and everything in between.

Below are 12 ads I studied and added my thoughts to:
This ad is very charming. The bluish purple of the perfume is present in the necklace, and the actress eyes, and making the add consistent. The placement is great as well. Two strong pictures but one is slightly forward showing the levels of importance. It's  HOT(well done designer).    
This perfume screams buy me, and it's actually a page stopping. It's simple a big picture with a smaller one on the side, but both are very strong. The text is subordinate in an effective way. It's an earned  HOT(well done designer).    
This ad showing a range of perfumes with the same concept. It's simple, but creative! the placement of the number items is an usual and tells a story. The brand is clear and is placed to be the focal point. Love it! It's VERY HOT(well done designer)    
picture is stronger than words, and this is a proof of it. two strong pictures side to side supporting each other with a small, but strong element inserted to one. It's  HOT(well done designer).  
The concept and the elements are really great. The reflection of the singer/actor is giving strength to the ad as well. There is a repetition if the red in the main places to grab the reader. It's a complete layout that will stop me while flipping the pages of a magazine. It's really HOT(well done designer).     
what I got from this layout is a memory of the royal wedding. I am not sure if that's intended or not. Layout is ok, but the product doesn't seem tempting. It's NOT (SORRY designer!). 
This ad is completely off for me. The model doesn't fit with the funky image of the perfume, and the text is white making it hard to read. The placement of the main element (perfume) is unclear and sort of scary. It's NOT (SORRY designer!).
these are two different perfumes. The left side one is mysterious but not in a good way! in fact I can hardly make out the name or the perfume, and the poor model looks suffocated. I am assuming it was to give a sexy natural feeling because it's in the shape of a flower? but it's not really working for me. It's NOT (SORRY designer!). The ad on the right is the opposite. It is cheerful, dreamy, and colorful. Love all the aspects. Paris in the background fits perfectly because it represents romance, dreams and young hopeful people (not sure if that's true, but Paris always sounds like that in my head). The perfume is clear, and the name is visible. It's it's surly HOT(well done designer)         
the consistency of this ad is GREAT! all the elements fit like a puzzle. The colors are connected and they share the same elements. It gives a comfortable feeling, and it's VERY tempting! it's surly HOT! (well done designer)   
I do not see the concept of the perfume reflected in the ad. The picture is great, but it doesn't look related at all. The text on the side is just normal. I think it's safe to say this layout is NOT (SORRY designer!) 
I love the concept of the perfume about the different women faces, but not a fan of the execution of it. The background has four different expressions, and styles, but they are placed in a very ordinary way that is not tempting me enough to go and check the perfume. The font looks like the old Art Word texts from the normal word, and the reflects the limited font resources that the ad designer had. The signature which is an important factor is just faded and is not clearly stated. Then the designer used pink to represent women with all their different faces, the most cliched color to show women power. The message is conflicted, and the design is boring. So, it's safe to say this layout is NOT (SORRY designer!) 

Disclaimer: This post is only for class research purposes only.

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