Friday, 31 October 2014

Feature Friday: Pearl & Groove

Happy Friday world. It's the big Halloween weekend! What's a better way to celebrate it than feature my new favourite cake bakery, Pearl & Groove?
Eat your fears away ;)
One day last month, I got really fed up after reading the endless chemicals on the gluten free cake packets I used to buy thinking they were a healthier alternative. Of course I had to Instagram a photo expressing my disappointment and desire for good, fresh cake and BEHOLD! I got a response from a quirky adorable cake account that promised gluten free, dairy free AND sugar free. I couldn't say no and few emails later with Serena Whitfield, the hands, skills and brains behind the Pearl&Groove bakery, I got my beautiful delicious cakes to try them out. They were so good I had to share it with you all!

Pearl and Groove is constantly dreaming up funky new ideas to keep pudding alive and fun, whether it’s a pudding bar at a party, wedding cakes, bespoke birthday cakes or office deliveries for a Friday treat. It’s all fun and a bit quirky.
My beautiful cake box *DROOL* 
Tell us a little bit about your business Pearl&Grove bakery; How did you start? Why did you start? 

I have always baked but mainly worked as a chef in private villas and chalets around Europe which was great fun, but over that time developed a few recipes that I really loved and the added bonus was that they were gluten free, which inspired me to play with other free froms, as well as interesting flavour combinations. I come from a family who have all done their own thing so it feels natural to be my own boss, so starting out was all experimental but not too scary.

Why did you pick Pearl & Groove to be the name of your business? 

The name Pearl and Groove has come from my parents. My mum's nick name is Pearl or Pearlie and she is super healthy, lives of a sugar, dairy and gluten free diet, so this is the ‘Pearl’ range of cakes - which contain no nasties, and no sugar, dairy or gluten. Groover is my dad's nick name - Groove for short, and he is slightly different to Pearlie in that he is a little greedier but still has a healthy lifestyle and an eye for quality (he’s a chocolatier so you can’t blame him) so the ‘Groove’ range is gluten free, but does contain sugar and dairy but I try to keep the sugar to a minimum.
Some of the delicious Pearl range. The orange one was to DIE for. 
What inspires your recipes? How do you come up with your delicious goodies? 

The recipes I develop are all inspired by seasons, puddings, associations and putting a little spin on things. I have friends who come and visit and ‘help’ with the recipe tastings which is a great help - so that’s always lots of fun and interesting to get everyones feedback.

What do you enjoy the most about being a baker? 

I love baking for Pearl and Groove especially because it’s totally mine, I can be as creative and whacky as I like and it’s all part of the brand. I studied fine art at university so thinking creatively is how my mind works best and I think baking and puddings are all about being a little bit silly.

What do you like to do for fun?

 I love to explore London with friends, visit galleries, new restaurants, Saturday markets. I also love to be in the mountains (spent a long time working in ski resorts so this is a big passion) travelling and generally living life.

Do you have any tips for people who want to start making their hobby into their business? 

Yes, if you believe in it and think it’s the best, then do it. Why not!

Who delivers your goodies? 

As the company is growing we are now using a gorgeous courier service called Urban Bundles, they are a bespoke delivery company and I know that the Pearl and Groove cakes will be delivered with a personal touch, manors and in the condition they left the kitchen in. So I feel they are a big part of the Pearl and Groove brand. >> They delivered to me and were really nice <3

Get your cake fix! 

I also have been having great time selling cakes with Kerb Food at Granary Square in Kings Cross, every Friday 11.30-2.30, the food at this street food market is delicious, so I’m spoilt for lunch options and then pudding is on me.

**Stay in touch with Serena and all the updates of Pearl and Groove via their social media

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