Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rosewood Hotel

Happy September everyone! 

I had the loveliest start of the month and the week at the Mirror Room at the  Rosewood hotel, where I spent the majority of my Monday enjoying a wonderful afternoon tea experience drinking up their delicate loose tea, eating their delicious, moist deserts while being surrounded by one of the most beautiful interiors. My friend, the owner of Oriss Magazine, was invited to try their afternoon tea when the hotel first opened and she loved it so much and told me all about it. We were there from 3pm to 8pm! You can tell it was heavenly just by the amount of time we spent there.  

The interiors were done spectacularly that I couldn't get enough. The hotel is in a historic Grade II Edwardian estate. It was originally designed by the architect H. Percy Monckton in 1914. It was recently renovated by EPR Architects, who worked in collaboration with Interior Designers Tony Chi and Martin Brudnizkii  (more on the hotel's story on their website). 

Let the pictures speak for themselves.   
The black and white geometric flooring goes so well with their wood and glass panel walls and door. It gave the corridor depth and warmth.  
I liked how each corridor has its own character with different floorings and lighting. 
I just love how the tables are styles so elegantly with flowers, lights, notebooks and various objects.  
This is a mirror wall, hence the name, the mirror room. It was also used in the ceilings above the ceiling lights. The reflection of the lights on the mirror expanded the place.   

The Flower choices were great. I thought it was stylish using four big vases instead of the usual one. The orange bloom was a perfect greeting for fall! 
The afternoon tea menu was stylish and set really well with two choices of vegetarian sandwiches, fresh scones and unlimited supply of the yummiest London deserts.  
The sandwiches were creamy and yummy. 
Their followed with scones, jam, butter and a lemon custard that was very summery.  
Then the desert buffet! All the choices were tried were mouthwatering and delicious. I loved the setup of the buffet. It was simple and in the back there was a fire place that added to the drama of the place.
Our picks!
The macaroon addiction had to be fulfilled. 
We concluded with pie. 
It was all beautiful! I felt so pampered being there. 
By the time we left, the whole atmosphere changed and the candles and fires were lit. Inside and outside. 

The afternoon at the Rosewood hotel was such a treat. A splurge now and then is always needed. Well surly go there again!

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