Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Diner

One sunny afternoon in August, I went to a walk down around Carnaby Street with a friend and she took me to her favourite place to eat, The Diner
I haven't been to a diner since I moved from the States to the UK few years ago and going there brought all the Denny's memories back. It made me nostalgic.  
I liked the geometric bold colour ceiling lights, which reminded me of the sixties. The bar area had a slight retro vibe with the different choice of leather-like seats. 
The lightning logo was cool and the use of it from the bathroom was funky. 
The division of the tables was cozy, but gave diners a little privacy. Some tables were on a higher level. That mix of floor heights gave the place a little extra.  
Our seat was beside the window, which was opened in a balcony style. The weather was good, so it felt refreshing. Shame about the smokers outside who slightly ruined the fresh air. 
The menu was simple and contained. It wasn't halal, but they had few veggie and seafood options. The branding of the place continued through it by using the same logo and the colour scheme. 
I ordered their fried shrimp sandwich. It was nice, but the taste was British -lol- not as American as I thought it would be. Their milkshake was my favourite thing. I had the coconut shake. It was cold, refreshing and the portion was really American! I was pleased about it. 
Overall, it's a nice place to visit if you are missing the states or just want to sample the casual American dining experience. 

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