Sunday, 24 August 2014

20 Facts About Me

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are having a lovely day. I was tagged by an instaFriend to tell you all 20 facts about me! So here they are: 
1- I crocheted the throw in the pic above *mashallah* and it's for sale if anyone is interested lol 
2- I like loose tea and love to do my own mixes
3- I don't add sugar to my tea 
4- I love to take my time in the morning and not rush
5- I think flowers are the best photo props 
6- I say "mashAllah" a lot, which literally mean "what ever God wills" it's used for appreciation, for compliment and for protection. I use it like people use the phrase "knock on wood" 
7- I am fluent in Arabic being Saudi and all 
8- haven't read anything in Arabic other than the Quran in YEARS! 
9- I like to crochet granny squares. 
10- I love to craft because it helps me think. 
11- I am a very home-y gal. I enjoy staying at home and doing my own thing. 
12- although I do like going to try new places to eat and chill with friends. 
13- I love to encourage people to achieve their goals. I really get into it and start making plans for them. Not an intrusive way. 
14- I stopped drinking soda months ago. I only have it when it's the only option. I feel like my teeth are dissolving with every sip. 
15- I obsess about my teeth 
16- I enjoy matching my hijabi outfits 
17- I think everyone deserves a compliment. At least once a day! Whoever is reading this "you look great!" 
18- I live on top of a hill 
19- I prefer savoury food over sweets 
20- these facts were just posted on the blog, so feel free to check them out. "Can't pass a self promo moment". 

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