Sunday, 17 August 2014

Interior design inspiration at liberty

Liberty - full review here - is full of inspiration especially on the interior design front. The design of the place itself is worth looking. The setup of their furniture and decor section is also laid out nicely. Here is a short post that gives you a little interior design inspiration. 

The arranged frames of various sizes and illustrations is a cool idea for any wall in the living room, the office room or the corridors. 

I liked the mix of shabby chic and vintage pieces with the ceiling arches. 
The paper looking ceiling lights give the space a contemporary look. 
House of Hackney - full review here - had their own little corner there and their still is very distinctive and adds a rich feel to the place. 
There was an injection of colour in the crafts section that reminded me of interior design colour palettes 
finger licking colours
The colour combination of black and white, yellow and small pops of red is trendy and adds a mysterious feel to the space. I like how they pulled it together.  
The spring paper flowers and the old tiled fire place are a cool example for bringing old and a new in a stylish way. 
Stuffed animal heads! a little scary, but at least these ones are made with fabric which makes it an interesting idea. 
Lots of pinks! 
fun and quirky wall clocks. 
More yummy colours that could make the space lively and brighter. 
and of course the 2014 main colour, MINT! with a touch of other pastels. 
Hope this post gets you inspired and gives you the kick you needed to start your interior design project!  

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