Saturday, 16 August 2014

House of Hackney

The first time I heard about House of Hackney was in the Interiors UK show in Birmingham, when the director of MRA, Anshu Srivastava gave his insightful presentation, "Art, Fashion and Architecture in Luxury Retail Stores." I loved hearing about the HOH concept and vision of "more is more" and "less is bore", which lead me to investigate and read more about how it started. 

The brand started recently in 2010 by a British couple, Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley, who their mission was to "take the beige out of interiors." What makes the brand different is the mixture of different cultures and age groups, which makes it appealing to many. The couple initial plan was to make wallpaper and bed linen, but their fashion love directed them to add a fashion line. More about them in this interview from the Guardian. HOH is a wonderful success story that I would like to follow in the future or collaborate with one day.   
I spotted HOH while I was walking around Shoreditch, but I didn't go in until I was in Liberty -full review of Liberty could be found here- and saw their shop there.  
I loved how the lady working their was wearing on of the HOH pieces that matched the shop!

If you notice, they have few very distinctive prints and surface patterns that they have applied on a multiple product line, which makes it an example to follow for starting surface designers. Instead of producing million prints and illustration focus all your efforts on a few and apply them differently on a range of products from kitchen accessories to full scale furniture.  

Aren't these cups gorgeous? 
I love the products of HOH and what this brand stands for. First, their support of the local market and the manufacturing of goods in England. Second, their charity work that extends a hand to international causes such as Gaza, check their charity blog post here.  

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