Friday, 29 August 2014

A Walk in Camden Town

Few weeks ago, I went to checkout Camden Town for the first time and it was love at first sight! I think I know where I will be shopping next time. I kept passing it by on the tube. Everyone told me it's different and it was the home of everything weird and eccentric, but they didn't really sell it to me like they should have. 
The first thing that I noticed were the sculptures on top of some buildings, shop fronts and restaurants. I thought it was neat because I haven't seen big scale funky sculptures like them before!
an upside down plane
legs n shoes!
a dragon!
I kept walking until I saw this lovely view 
Then I was greeted by the coolest market ever. FYI, it was BIIG. Like two markets into one and they had all sorts of things *like you will see below* for lots of different price ranges. Some stalls even tried bargaining and bringing the price low. 

I started with the Camden Lock market 
I liked how they had a hand drawn quirky floor plan. 
Inside the market, it was like an arcade type of interiors with different arches and bold colours.  

Love the vintage cameras stalls! They would be a great photo prop
Lovely ethnic accessories
colourful lights
Lots of jewellery!
So many scarves that would be perfect as hijabs! 
crazy t-shirts
beautiful clothes
More colourful lights!
Followed by the Stables Market. Where there was a big food hall with a lot of food options with a number of them being halal.

even more hijabs! 
My favourite part about the stables market was the history and the old beautiful details. The inventive use of space is also a plus. 
Next time, I will go early during the week to be able to shop comfortably without the crowd! I need to top on my hijabs, long necklaces and vintage dresses :)

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