Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mews of Mayfair

Last month while shopping on Oxford street with Bobby from Crafty_Little_Things, we found this hidden place in a back courtyard, Mews of Mayfair . The live music performance and the smell of good food was a perfect combination. The weather was gorgeous, but all the outside tables in the courtyard were taken, so we settled for a cozy table inside. The black and white artwork gave the place the most character because without it, the place would be like every other. The chairs were comfortable and you can just spend hours in that place, which we happily did. The interior design was done by James Williamson and Lucy Ford. Each area had a unique design and it was luxurious. 

The branding was done by Lisa Tse. Their menu was chic and simple with fine British dishes. Just a page and no extra fuss. I liked it.  
The menu
What I loved the most was their collection of non alcoholic beverages that was not just juice, but a proper and refreshing drink. One of the reasons I want to go is to try their mocktails!  
Exotic Indulgence Mocktail
Their menu wasn't halal, but they had few fish options that I was able to choose from and I picked their Fish & Chips. which was really tasty and not too oily. I liked their presentation as well. 
Gourmet Fish & Chips  
It's a really lovely place and worth a visit, especially after a day of shopping!  

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