Sunday, 1 June 2014

Machine Knitting Short Course

Happy Sunday everyone! 

My biggest achievement this weekend is those cushions you see on the sofa! sewing them up took me almost most day. I know colour co-ordination is off but the colour choices were limited. 

I am sure by now that most of you know that I LOVE yarn, knitting, crochet and most crafts. They just make me feel very productive. Last month, I took a three-day machine knitting course in the Greenwich Community College. I was looking for a machine knitting course for ages and I was very lucky to find this one *Alhamdilah* I didn't really know much about machine knitting and when I spoke to other knittings about it they made me feel bad for even considering it because to them it was like cheating on the whole hand knitting trade, but I love fast results! So, I went and I was amazed by what I learned.    
Results from Class. Throw in background was hand knitted a while back 
Before the course, I didn't even know how a knitting machine looked like. This course taught me how to set it up, cast on, cast off and do few other simple things. It was really cheap (60 pounds) and I am impressed with the skills I learnt. Well worth the money. The class and the facilities were nice and the location was in the heart of Greenwich super close to the park. 
That's a knitting machine. An old manual one. 

Inspiration Wall

Learning about the tools that comes with the machine
Learning to use two colours at once!
The ladies from the class. They were all so lovely! 
My absolute favourite thing about the course was learning how to set up the pattern reader in the machine to knit different patterns like the ones on my cushions below. The results were fast and amazing, but machine knitting is hard work because once you add those pattern cards, the machine gets heavier and it feel like a serious upper body workout not as easy as everyone thinks. Plus you have to keep watching the thread closely. It gets undone so quickly sometimes. Had to repeat things for few times.   
That's the fabulous lady who taught the class, Michele. She was very skilled and so patient.  

The class was really fun. Now, I am trying to remember everything I learnt to apply it by myself. I recommend you buy a knitting machine so you practice when you get home the same time you are doing the course. 

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