Sunday, 20 April 2014

Stroll Down Richmond Park

Happy Weekend All!

Yesterday the sun was shining in London, but obviously you shouldn't be fooled by the London sun coz it NEVER gets as hot as anyone expects. I was invited on a stroll to Richmond Park. It was FREEZING, but enjoyable. It will be great to go there on a good -warmer- day to read a book, have a picnic or to just chill.
This is officially my favourite colour *HOT PINK*
I saw them on the way to the park 
When I first entered the park. 
I was greeted by mighty clouds, beautiful green trees and a small lake

Then I saw this little guy! 
Then He/She came closer and posed for me!
Turns out, Richmond Park is a natural reserve for deer
Some trees were still catching up with Spring
There's a road in the middle to stroll down

The End.
It was such a beautiful park! I enjoyed it much more than the commercialised Hyde Park. Although, I am pretty sure it will be very busy during REAL sunny days. Worth a visit.

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