Saturday, 12 April 2014

A walk in hackney wick

This week has been busy! So, I am using every minute of my Saturday to catch up on blogging! 

Last week, I attended an Islamic patterns intensive course (reviewed here). I took a walk in Hackney Wick. Since, I am still new to London, that part of town was new to me. I took a walk around and the place was full of creativity and loud expressions. 

Start of the walk! *mashallah*
When you get off the overground, this is the first thing you see. 
It felt like walking into an abandoned movie set
Loved the colours of this one! 
I call this piece sweet tooth! 
This sculpture is really small. Had to almost lay down to take a clear picture. 
I call this real love on the channel 
I saw a little sculpture of a CAMEL in the middle of Hackney Wick. I was really amazed!
Beautiful isn't it?
It's worth going there for a little walk, especially if the weather is nice. They have few nice small (pricey) cafes in the area too.   

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