Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Story of a Beautiful Rug

Good evening world!

I hope everyone is getting their groove on and getting ready for a fabulous weekend that kick starts a new month!

Today, I finally finished working on a handmade wool rug that was described by my family as beautiful (I hope you agree too!) It took me almost a whole month to complete it. I poured all my love into it. It is my first real handmade rug! I used similar patterns that I created for children blankets, but I really wanted to get my fingers tucked in a rug and interior accessories in general being an interior designer and all :D
The finished rug, you can buy it from here
I first ordered some lovely british wool that was mixed with nylon to start! I used the whole blue pack, half the purple one and most of the two beige colours.

I then crocheted FORTY FIVE granny squares *mashallah* and here they are all laid below. This type of yarn is rough and has nylon in it to make it suitable for the floor. While doing the squares I got carried away and just couldn't take a break because I wanted to finish them all, which caused a yarn burn on my finger. I am proud of it. I feel like crochet has made a mark on me *LITERALLY* hehe

The big challenge was crocheting all of them together. That on its own took me a WHILE. I couldn't just have them connected like that. Something was still missing, so I added the edging. That was followed by two days of blocking to stretch the squares and give everything the right shape.

A month and a burn later, I got this rug. I am very excited and hopefully will do more soon!

This rug is available for purchase on my shop, here

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