Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tea is my favourite winter companion

Happy Saturday everyone!

It is getting really cold these days and the best way to stay warm (other than hiding under bundles of yarn) is to drink something to keep you warm from the inside. Last winter, my choice was hot chocolate with lotsa fluffy marshmallows, but since I found out the amount of calories in it, I shifted to tea, and what a life changing decision it was! When I got hooked up on tea, regular brands with a sometimes a soar after taste started to annoy me. So, I started searching for the perfect tea brand. I don't think the search will ever finish because each country and place has their own special teas and it is super fun to try them all. For now though, I am happy with a local brand (well close enough, an hour away is still considered right around the corner, right?). It's the Tea House Emporium in Bath. Sadly, I can't always go in person. So, I ordered few of their yummiest kinds to have them in the comfort of my own little place. Their tea is so worth it! Take a look. I wish there is a way for me to share the taste with you all, but so far I have been drinking the Bounty tea, which is a mix of black tea with chocolate and coconut and it taste like light sweet liquified bounty! I usually drink the green tea with the jasmine flowers, and the flowers in it gives it a fresh taste! Took few snaps hope you guys like them. 

The ones I got, I bet mom would be like why didn't you get just one, hehe

Turns out, I didn't even need the biscuits, the tea was sweet enough!

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