Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Keys to Get a First Job

The bellow tips are taking from real life experience with jobs I applied for and got! PLUS I was really inspired by this amazing book 100Rules: find a job, start a business, build a new life by M A Ghori, well worth a read :)

Having a job is always good, but you have to REALLY want to have one applying for a job just the sake of doing it won't take you anywhere. Sending a general CV to loads of places won't be much helpful either (you can try it if you want)

here are few tips that helped me, and hope it helps you too! :)

1- WANT IT, apply for something that you would LOVE (work wise and money wise).
2- NETWORK, sometimes finding a job could come through a friend, a parent, a neighbor, a teacher, and etc, so when you really want a job there is no harm in asking them all if they know places or people who can hire you! :)
3- Be READY, prepare yourself before you apply. Know exactly what you need to send out and WHO to send it too.
4- TAILOR your cv and cover letter for every job. Keep the major things the same, but make sure you add a little bit extra to make it just directed to that job because that might be the element that makes it stands out
5- RESEARCH the employer before going on an interview, read their mission, their expectations, how they work and so on.
6- Shine in the interview, be yourself, friendly, smile, and be polite.
7- HOPE for the best! :)  

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