Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cover Letters Explained

The information bellow are my notes from a cover letter writing session with the career center in the University of Salford:

If you have a brand or theme to your CV make sure you carry it on in your cover letter but on a low key meaning not as flashy.
Cover letters are the ones that convince the employer to read on and look at your CV.
Make it brief and to the point. You want to tell the reader about you in an academic tone without being too needy or desperate.

Cover Letter format:

  • Your personal details (name, email, address & number)
  • The receiver's personal details
  • Date
  • Dear (find out a name)  
  • 4 short paragraphs: 
    • 1- what job do you want, where did you hear about it, and why you want it
    • 2- why this exact company make sure you butter them up ;) find out more about the company and what interests you exactly and maybe one of their projects?
    • 3- YOURSELF, why are you fit for the job? what makes you special? education/work experience. 
    • 4- tell them you'll follow up with them (are you going to email? call? when)  
  • Thank you! :)
hope this helps! good luck    

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