Monday, 17 November 2014

Dinner at the Corinthia Hotel

Good evening lovelies!

I have been living in England for few years now, but this year was my first Halloween out of the house! My designer friend (the design power behind Four Corner Interiors) and I decided to make it a night to remember. The weather was great and we wanted to get the fine taste of London. So, my friend picked the Corinthia hotel and we had such a lovely time *mashAllah*
Spooky exterior fit for Halloween

The lobby.  Can you see the pumpkin center piece & of course the fabulous chandelier?
I loved their flower arrangements and the little plants around the space. In general their interior style was chic old English with a contemporary twist with the chandeliers and accessories.   

I liked the seasonal decoration they had. It made it feel Autumn like. The little pumpkins and the colourful leaves were a nice touch. 
Very Autumn
Their contemporary chandelier
My favourite table in the whole place
My friend and I called and reserved a table 48 hours ahead and asked for a halal option and they made it happen! They brought fresh halal chicken just for us and we had the chance to switch any plate on the menu to be chicken. They had good looking fish options too. 
North Hall Menu
The bread was warm and fresh and the food was REALLY delicious. 
I had the chicken and risotto. That chicken we ordered was really tender and just so good! I also had a side starter of quinoa salad which was the best one I had in a while. We enjoyed the food very much. We were disappointed in their deserts selection. Most had alcohol in them, so we didn't have any, but they looked quiet nice.   
Overall, it was a lovely place for a once in a while splurge. 

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