Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Browns: Afternoon Tea Treat

Good evening everyone! 

Few weeks ago, when the weather was normal and cheerful, the girls and I went for a fabulous afternoon tea and cake experience at Browns arranged by my beautiful designer friend (the design power behind Four Corners Interiors).  

The location was great and central, easy to get to. It was really busy when we got there. We were glad that we had an advance booking. 
The outside
The interior was chic and lovely with lots of different seating arrangements and lights downstairs. Upstairs in the private room, the design was plain with just a long table in the middle and chairs around it. 
Closer look of the interior 
We booked a private room upstairs to get more privacy and to be as loud as we wanted. The service was really great.  
The pretty floor I found when I went upstairs 
The food was nice with a selection of finger sandwiches of smoked salmon, eggs and cheese and a selection of very sweet desserts. I expected a bigger loose tea selection, but to compensate they had a whole box of tea bags from Twinings tea. I was really enjoying the food and the company and I forgot to ask if they had any gluten free, dairy free alternatives.
Close up
Overall, It was a good experience with great service. The girls and I really enjoyed it. 

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