Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Muscat Travel Series: Beach Day

Happy Omani National day everyone! 

I am very excited to kick off the Muscat travel series on the national day :D 

I know it's getting really cold in London and other places, which makes me go flick through my holiday snaps to get some warmth. Last summer, I spent few blissful days in Muscat, Oman. *MashAllah* My favourite thing was the beach. Just sitting there by the waves, looking at how blue and clear it is, dipping my feet in the warm waters, going for a swim and appreciating what life got to offer. Of course no beach day is complete without some cold refreshing coconuts. Look at the pictures below and day dream with me. 

Note: this beach in the pictures is the Quram public beach. It was nice، quiet and clean. Mostly family oriented. I didn't swim there because it was full of teenager boys and young adults (on the other side of the pictures), but it was still a very nice beach to relax.

Dress Code Note: Keep in mind that Muscat is a muslim country and dress accordingly. Dressing half naked and in bikinis in public is very disrespectful to the traditions and the religion. You can dress in whatever you like in resorts and in the other private beaches. 

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