Thursday, 28 August 2014

Yumchaa Cafe

When I was younger the only hot drink I liked was hot chocolate and as I grew older, my taste buds enjoyed tea and with being in the UK -Tea Capital of the world- my love for tea has been growing. Now, everyone who tries a new tea place tells me about it and even suggests meeting up in tea shops! win win. Few weeks ago, my classmate tried Yumchaa tea shop in Camden and instead that I go with her. She didn't have to ask twice! 
What I found different in Yumchaa is they have all the types they offer laid out in lovely small cups with the names, so you can smell the tea and see it before choosing it. I thought it was cool and it gives each person a more hands on approach to tea. It was a good way to start a conversation as well. My classmates and I, compared the different types, laughed at the names and enjoyed that experience. 
The teas were also catgrorized and separated based on their types in a lovely way. Instead of having it written in menu pages. 
There was a good selection of deserts as well, which is always needed with a good cuppa!

The interior space was quirky, cozy and casual. 
In the center of the cafe, they had an glass ceiling that allowed access to natural light in the cafe, which brightened up the space. 
There were different chairs and sofas around. The mix was fun. 
Overall, it's a nice place to have tea, read a book or meet friends. Check it out when you are in Camden next. They have other locations as well. Details on their website

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