Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Melon Forest Green Juice

Hello everyone!
I really wanted to add melon into my juice. I was going to have way less, but then I had to save the melon because it was going bad on one side! 

Note: Make sure to wash your greens really well especially the leaves. 
I usually cut my ingredients because I use a blender and it blends it quicker and easier this way

The ones shown in the picture, but here they are written:
One melon half
1 unpeeled green apple
4 celeries 
half a lettuce 
punch of coriander 
a bit of mint
1 peeled  lemon 
1 fresh peeled finger size ginger 
tiny sprinkle of black pepper 

This one turned to be mostly sweet with a mild taste of greens because of the melon used. I enjoyed it, but my grandma hated it heheh. So, it all depends on your taste buds, but some require more training than others. Enjoy! 

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