Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ten facts about The Month Of Ramadan

Salams and hellos lovely people! Ramadan is starting this Sunday! how very exciting! It's a very special month for Muslims. Here are ten facts about it if you are not familiar.

  1. It's the ninth month of the Arabic calendar. The Arabic calendar follows the moon movement. For example, a full moon is usually half the Arabic month. The usual English calendar follows the sun. The rest is all similar. 
  2. During this month 29 or 30 days depending on the moon, Muslims must fast from dawn to sunset. Basically during the day & yes from food and even water. At night, everything is allowed though. Food wise!
  3. Food is not the only thing that's not allowed, but bad behaviour should be watched. It's like a training program to reform humans and to encourage them to be polite, honest, respectful and nice to each other. For a detailed list of what should or shouldn't be done click here.

    • This month is like a gift from God. The devil is locked up somewhere up there, so we don't get his evil whispers and all good deeds are doubled.   
    • The month of Ramadan teaches us to give more because usually people do not understand the situations of others unless they try it first hand, and when a person feels the hunger and how awful it is, this person will be more motivated to give. Just giving and giving with pure intention after trail are different. 
    • The word for breaking the fast and eating is Iftar/Iftari/Ftoor (depending on the person's accent), which literally means breakfast.
      HEHEH! this one cracked me up! It's true almost all mosques serve iftar
    • The word for the other, later, meal is shari/suhoor. This meal is important and it's right before dawn. Some people sleep and then wake up. It's the meal the keeps you fasting in the day without starving.

    • The most recommended food to start Iftar is dates and yogurt drink because that just rejuvenates and nutritious.
    •  It is known that the holy Quran was completed during the month of Ramadan and that happened on a specific night known as the night of power/ Laylat AlQader. The exact night wasn't declared, but it's mostly thought of as the 23rd or the 27th of Ramadan.

    • After The month of Ramadan, comes Eid! Which is a huge celebration event for families and friends, where gifts and sweets are exchanged. Something like Christmas. It's like a reward after the hard work of the month.  

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