Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alounak Persian Restaurant

Yesterday the weather was very typical London. The first half of it was CRAZY rain, but the second half was full of sunshine! Thankfully, I was out for the second half. I met up with a friend and started the afternoon with a visit to the Leighton House Museum and followed by the loveliest dinner at Alounak Persian Restaurant. It was in Notting Hill Gate. My friend and I were starving by the time we got there and it was such an amazing treat!  
Address: 44 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH
The decor of the place was really cozy. You enter and the first thing you see is the traditional bread oven and you get a whiff of the freshly made bread and your mouth instantly water. I loved the various geometric patterns around and on the door.    
The choice of light and ceiling treatments fitted right in, but they were minimal, which made the place feel a little darker than necessary.
The big glass traditional lights over the till/beverages area are really nice and add a very traditional touch to the place. 
The food was GORGEOUS! very delicious and super filling. We had appetisers too, but couldn't wait to devour them and I didn't even realize I didn't take a picture till they were gone in my tummy.  
The place was very comfortable and their service was lovely, which made my friend and I stay there for few hours! I think we were there for nearly three and a half hours. We Had their cardamon and mint tea, which was heavenly. Their desert were also delicious. It was well worth it.   
Beautiful pots. One had the strong tea and the other had the water to lighten it up
I highly recommend the place and will be surly going there again. 

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