Saturday, 31 May 2014

Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food

It was pouring rain, but I was dying of hunger after class! The plan was to go to an Indian restaurant in Shoreditch with my lovely friend and classmate Aima

In google we trusted and kept walking. We figured that we will be on transports most of the trip and with only a ten minute walk we thought we will survive the rain. The thought of curry and fresh naan motivated us. The walk turned to over half an hour of us getting lost and of google lying to us! At the end we used city mapper and that gave us accurate results only to arrive and to get told that it's at least 45mins wait!!

We were so hungry and then there it was! A yellow light guiding us! 
Maybe I am exaggerating a little. We just looked up the closest halal place next to our location and it was Yalla Yalla

A lovely little shawarma parlour. I loved the yellow and all of their branding. It was located in a temporary structure -pop up place- that resembled a tent. 
The floor was just small gravel which felt kind of authentic to me. There were other food cart/mini restaurants over there, but my tummy was begging for some halal chicken. 
The menu was really nice very tiny. A small folded up page that opened up. The choices were limited to shawarma, falafel and mezzes. 
Service was good and quick since it wasn't that busy. 
I tried their ftoush, kebah and chicken shawarma. I know it sounds like a lot but I was really hungry lol. I did take the rest home for lunch the next day. The level of shwarma was pretty good. To me it tasted like Beirut Nights, the place everyone is raving about and saying it was the best shwarma in London. I think most shawrmas taste the same :p
Overall, it was a lovely adventure that led to discovering a tasty place. Only issue was the backless seats. A lot of restaurants are doing them now. They are very uncomfortable. The human back needs support lol. Other than that, it's a nice place to get a quick bite in Shoreditch. 

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