Saturday, 17 May 2014

From Errands To Macaroons

Yesterday, I was running some errands around Kensington and saw the cutest little macaroons place called Anges de Sucre.  I didn't realize it was my beloved macaroons till I got closer. I thought it was a little antique and accessories shop. It was really sweet and the macaroons were even sweeter!
From outside
I entered and was wowed. It turns out it's only been there for three weeks. Lucky me for finding it. They sell handmade macaroons & marshmallows (too bad they were pork gelatine so I didn't get it to try them, but they looked NICE!) They had TEA, too! I haven't tried the teas, but they smelled lovely. The tins added to the decor and completed it. They do sell other drinks cold and hot, but when I saw tea all the other ones just melted into the background.

The decor was simple and on the classy vintage side. I loved the mirror that was framed with flowers and the painted birds. It gave it a quirky feel. The light creamy baby blue paint softened the place.    
isn't it so pretty?
The macaroons bar! *DROOL*
The ones I tried were really delicious.  
This shop made it into the list of yummy french macaroons in London for sure! Make sure you try it out if you are in the area! :) 

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