Tuesday, 11 March 2014

GoodAndProper Tea

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I started this week with an invite to a tea tasting event for GoodProperTea at Sofa.com in their beautiful show room in Chelsea (thank you for telling me about this miss HOPinteriors). I also met the UK editor of Remodelista, Christine! Gorgeous interiors and amazing tea is the perfect start for any week! Read on, I will tell you all about it.
The beautiful Sofa.com show room in Chelsea
I loved their upstairs design corner! I want it to be my office! 
You all realize how much I already love tea, right? Yesterday my love for tea grew ten times more! I thought I knew what a good cup of tea tasted like and I was even feeling like somewhat of an expert, but yesterday I tasted a GOOD and PROPER cuppa. The brand is called that, too! The name really reflects the quality and the taste.

Let me tell you a little about Good&Proper. It's a new company that was set up in 2012 by British entrepreneur Emilie Holmes, who was so frustrated with not finding a place that sells GOOD tea in London! The land of tea. Every time she goes to a coffee shop, her friends get amazing cups of coffee with a lot of work in them and she gets a dusty tea bag. So, she started a mission and a brand going around London with her van and her pop up shops giving people a taste of real tea in it's real form. She found a gap in the market and she went for it! Now, she is educating the nation about tea and spreading the yumminess! When you get a cup of tea from GP, it's the perfect temperature and perfect timing. You don't get a tea bag to faff around with. You just get really good tea!  
Wouldn't you just want this parked outside your house?! source
Tea Secret: use filtered water! 
The Good&Proper Brew Bar set up. This is similar to how it looks in the van!
Tea Secret: If your tea tastes wrong then the water was too hot and it burned the tea! 
The kinds of teas we tried
Each tea from the ones above was in its natural form without any additives or extra flavouring. Tasting the natural flavour of each tea was a great experience. The tea on its own is perfect without anything else. 

Tea Fact: All teas come from the same exact plant, whether they are black, green, white or anything in between. What makes them different is the preparation process and the amount of oxdization they get.   

Black Teas:
They could take hot water on 100-90 degrees
  • Ceylon. This one was strong and full bodied.  
  • Golden Tips: Asam. The tea leaf was really cool. It actually has golden tips! 
  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush: It tasted a little spicy and mature. I am having it this morning. I am on my second cup it's so delicious. 
  • Keemun: It tasted a little chocolaty and SO GOOD! To me that was the lightest black tea. 

Semi Black/ Semi Green Tea (Aka Olong):
These two were my favorite teas (starting from yesterday!). They tasted just right! The water temperature should be 90-85
  • Honey Orchid: Dark olong. Tasted like honey and it was sweet, light, rosy and just wonderful.
  • Yellow Gold: Light olong. This was happiness in a cup! very relaxing and up lifting. It even supplied me with sweet tea dreams heheh.

Green Teas:
Least amount of heat 75-65
  • Jade Tips: This one was a perfect flowery and fresh green tea. 
  • Sencha: This is an everyday Japanese green tea. It tasted more veggie and grassy. 
Emilie Holmes pouring goodness into our cups
Tea Fact: There are no calories in tea! 
Kate from Sofa getting a taste!
Of course there was homemade brownies afterwards! bye bye fake diet!
My generous gift from Good&Proper *mashallah* 
I used it this morning for a very delicious cuppa!
By the way, that infuser is really good quality. Get one from here 
Good and Proper have really thought of all the details. From the amazing quality of their teas to the very smart packaging! I am already planning how many gift boxes I want to get for all my tea lover friends! It was a really good experience! Getting all these useful information and tasting that very yummy teas! Thank you Sofa.com for arranging it. I think tea tasting is the new best thing! 

For more info and pix from Sofa.com & GP tea, follow them on twitter and Instagram 

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