Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Happenstance Bar & Restaurant

Sundays are made for food and friends. Going out to lunch every sunday should be on everyone's list. It really does wonders for the spirit! Today I spent the day with my lovely friends at the Happenstance four minutes walk from St. Paul Cathedral, London. I went along with miss Hop Interiors  for a project she is working on and Aima, the most amazing photographer. 

It was the first time we go, but surly won't be the last. The first thing that completely wowed me was the decor. It was just so fresh and shabby chic with its industrial iron lights and white bricks. The little green plants and flowers around gave it a very sweet touch and a homey feel. Another smart thing was the variety of seating arrangements and chairs. 

The pictures are in sequence as you go in to the Happenstance:
Just as you go in
The bar on the left.
Look at the flooring and the mix of pattern flooring and concrete.
The choice of chandeliers is really good as well. 
The fresh yellow flowers and little candles defiantly play a part in creating a homy ambience  
Look what I found a yarn covered candle jar! Taking notes to make a few for Asoratti!
As you go to the inside area
Inside dining. The wooden tables go nicely with the wooden flooring. What gives this space personality is the different seatings, cushions and different light fixtures

Our Table!
Only downside in the menu is that the meat wasn't halal and the veggie options are limited
but thankfully they have few fish and prawns options! WIN!
Our super refreshing flavoured lemonades. They do more options for mocktails, which is VERY cool.   
Prawn lollipops. Amazing presentation and really nice taste 
Roast dinner for Mary. Looks so mouthwatering.
Wouldn't be cool if there was a veggie roast dinner option? heheh I could dream on ;)
My delish fish burger and chips. Yumz
Aima's Malaysian fish and basmati rice 
Overall, the Happenstance is very nice. It's the kind of place where you could go and chill there reading a book and eating lunch. Relaxing atmosphere, lovely staff and yummy food. Go try it for yourself! 

ma sha Allah 

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