Thursday, 14 February 2013

Portfolio: Making a start

A portfolio is the key for a designer to go places, to get hired, to get into grad school, and to prove her/his skills to the world. A portfolio is like a real life proof of skills, abilities and creativity.

To start a portfolio, you need to come up with your creativity identity, your branding; your logo and style. This all can change as you grow your creative personality, but you need to start somewhere.

Last year in my PDF2, I designed a logo, a brand, a flash card, and 2 portfolio; 1 about my skills generally, and the other about 1 project they all were based on the Saudi Traditional House. I thought it represented my heritage well. This year, when I looked at my work, I felt it needed a more polished presentation. In one year my perspective changed. The beginning of the year, I created another logo, and a more colourful representation of myself, such as the infographics I did. Now, with the start of 2013, I reflected again, and decided I still didn't prove my full potential in my logo or my layout. So, here I am again, working on another layout for my 2013 portfolio.

First step is to figure out a new logo.
Second step is to decide on a background and identity colours.
Third step is finding a layout, with a specific grid for arranging the information and pictures.
Fourth step is following the 10 steps process for content.
Fifth step is putting everything together in Illustrator on A3 page size.

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