Thursday, 6 December 2012

First Cut Exhibit, Manchester, UK

On Monday, my friend, Ruby, and I, decided to go to the First Cut Exhibit in town (Manchester) and it was a great experience. Every piece spoke volumes, and it's all made of only papers! 
We were greeted by this guy! 

Then saw these paper butterflies made out of maps.

Then we went to the second floor to see it! 
Gorgeous big paper leaves hung from the ceiling. Walking around them was like an adventure!

up close pic of one of the leaves, and how delicate it is.
closeup on the shadow patterns the leaves were making with the light reflection.
It's like the branches are dancing!
Detailed stories. Looking at them up close is magical.

This is just made of this cut out human figure. Details are everything here.

This is a garden of flowers and frogs made of magazines!
Framed book pages that have been cut and folded.
amazing how this flower tree is done and how it's going out of the book. Poetic. 
Money Map>> each country is mapped by it's currency. Interesting . 
birds made of map books,, they are beautiful. 
who needs words and pictures in book pages? lol
The words and pictures were cut out from these pages, and for some reason it looks inspiring!
All this leaves are made of tiny paper, and in the artist video, she said she piled the papers from different books with different themes such as nature books, travelling, and then created this gorgeous tree. The connection between the tree and the knowledge coming from the books is deep. 
we didn't even notice this guy at first, I don't even know why we decided to look up!
but yay for doing so, look how amazing this piece is,, it took us a minute to realize they
are sculptured books! 
This one is my absolute favorite! I would have bought it if it was on sale!  <3 
If you have time make sure to check it out it will be here till the 27th of Jan! 

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