Saturday, 22 September 2012

Upcycled shop- SuperDry

you know when you go to a shop and just think WOW the interior of it is just so cool? well that always happen to me, a good interior design is a good shop to me. While walking in Trafford Center few weeks ago, I noticed a shop that I don't usually go to; Super Dry and oh did I love their interiors! :) 

they had this suspended chandler, and it was made from old jars and little lights 
and their shelves were also unusual, using old pushing equipment 
Their display tables were made from reclaimed wood pieces, which give it a great authentic feel
They also mixed old metal shelves 
and put wooden ones beside them, so it was compatible contrast 
They had old chains and old ventilation windows to display shoes, which smart as well
They used old sink pieces to to hang the shirts 
Over all it was a unique interior experience, I love shops that make a statement! :)

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