Saturday, 14 April 2012

Personal Marketing

Finding my brand was the hardest part for me because everything else depends on it, and all my work would need to be consistent and revolving around my brand, and how I want the world to perceive me and view me as an individual and as a designer. At this time and age, getting the brand right is very important.

My Thinking process:
1- who am I as a person?
2- what are my designs like?
3- what do I want to bring to the table?
4- what do I want people to think when they see my brand?

After I answered the above questions, I figured that I wanted to bring up a neglected area in design to sight, which was the Architecture in the Eastern Provenance in Saudi, so that's the main background of my brand, and then to support it I added a logo that's relevant to that area which says Designer in that area's language; Arabic, but with an artistic twist to it.

That's how I chose my design brand to reflect my interest in mixing the old design with an Artistic touch.

With that, I based my blog, portfolio, CV, cover letter, and my flash card on the brand to make it all flow as one, and you will see it all through my design posts.      

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