Friday, 27 April 2012

Making a Table

How to make a whole table leg  only from drawing one side:
Start with the table top by drawing a box of 1500*750*20
Make sure of the height of the table by entering 750 into the Z coordinates in the bottom
Now start the leg in the left view by
Going to shapes
Choose splaines then line
Start from top to bottom with the centre line
After drawing it make sure you convert it to editable splaine
Choose vector points
By choosing vector points you can just move them till they are fixed
Now make it a whole by going to modifier list, click L then choose lathe
Try min, cen, and max in align, with mine max was the right option
Now array the legs to have a set of 4
Go to top view, and move the leg into the right position
Array it now
In the 1 D the count should be 2 and go into –X until it looks right
To do the other one, in 2D change the Y
Now group all 4 legs
Select them, click group from the top menu
align it to make sure it’s all centered  then only click the Z and choose max on one side and min on the other

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